Sylvain Guizard
Graphic Designer, Paris, FR

Graphic designer for over 25 years, I currently work at the headquarters of La Poste Groupe. I realize their various communication supports and some web design elements of the group’s sites. Apart from this activity, I am a UI/UX designer, motion designer, space artist, 3D artist, graffiti artist, and co-founder of I’m also known as Joe Vains on social networks or SlayOner when it comes to graffiti or street art.

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Logo & Identity

Interface Design

UI/UX design


Icons design

Motion & video

Motion design


3D Scenes

Space Art

Sci-Fi scenes

Street Art

Graffiti & Lettering


Printing layouts

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If you would like more information on my achievements or my availability concerning one of your projects with which you would like to associate me, let me know by sending a message via this form. You can also follow me on the social networks below.